Much of Mike Sonnichsen's recent work is light-driven, taking form in layered relief prints, translucent

sculptural pieces, and color photographic work. He reveals an aesthetic richness in familiar found objects

through simple yet transformative shifts of medium. Most of the materials he is drawn to are second-hand,

inexpensive, odd thrift store finds, or even refuse, yet they are gathered with sensibilities honed by his

design education and childhood in the tropics. He is fascinated with the forms, materials, and manufacture

of objects in our world. While he champions the "underdogs" of material culture, he begins to shed light

on current attitudes toward disposability, excess, and worth. In prints, photograms, and light sculptures,

he seeks to dazzle the eye and reveal clues to the artmaking process without limiting potential readings

of the work.



Assistant Professor of Art and Design at the University of Idaho, 8/14 - present